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Mike Watt shared some words on creativity and public art...check it out!

What is it in your mural work that is truly you? - something about the the subject matter, process or thinking that speaks to your personality or story!

I think it's when I have complete freedom and am able to find work that best suits the space. The subject matter will normally be my characters but if it's the right space and I think a city scape or something different would work well, I feel like it will still be truly mine even though it might be something quite different than I would normally paint.

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Something a lot of people don't know about Mike? My feet are pretty messed up, they're always covered with cuts and bruises. I'm really clumsy so I'm constantly kicking things on the ground and half falling over. I've got to remind myself to be extra careful when i'm painting up a ladder.

mike watt chulo creative

I'm not sure if my work has much of a message but my personal work normally revolves around characters, I try to get some story in there even if it's just in their faces.

I think public art makes people happy, it stops them looking at their phones for a minute and gets them looking at something in front of them which can also create interaction with other people around them. I don't understand why anyone would choose a blank wall over a mural, it created happier, brighter places.




Zeke's Lunchbox bringing to the world pure joy, wonder and escapism.

Julia Rich AKA Zeke's Lunchbox shared with us some insight into her creative process and what makes her tick.

I used to live in Laos as a child for three years. I think the culture, art and fauna have influenced me greatly. 

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I think micro details is kind of my specialty so having a larger scale means I can get really in there and focus on those tiny details I love so much. Being able to just spread some colour into the world is also quintessentially me.

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I think the overall tone has always been subverting what we consider attractive, sexy and/or cute. The future message I'd like to bring to the world is just pure joy, wonder and escapism. The idea of bringing that to people gets me really excited!

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Art in public spaces creates unified discussion. All having a common ground and jumping off point brings strangers together, irregardless of whether the talk is positive or negative. 

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I was recently asked to make a original artwork for a marketing agency called Wild Minded. We came up with a night scape filled with texture, plants and insects. This artwork was later printed into greeting cards for the business and it's been one of my favourite commercial projects because I didn't have to compromise my aesthetic too much. Any collaboration where my work is taken to a practical form is always exciting and something I'd definitely love to do more of in the future. 

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