Sneak Snake & Girlhood with Irene Feleo

Irene Feleo creates stunning colourful visuals and brings some of them to life with animation. We love catching up with Irene to see what she has been working on, its always a treat. Enjoy checking out the below recent treasures and make sure you follow @irenefeleo to stay topped up with her lovely creations.


 "I recently finished the first 2 episodes of a super short animation series called Sneak Snake. It's pretty much just tiny episodes based around this one sneaky snake that is a bit of a nuisance. It was a fun little personal project to work on during the evenings and a good excuse to put my strange sense of humour into a random little animation. Episode 3 is on a bit of a hold at the moment but I want to keep returning back to this character to practice my storytelling skills and also to develop how weird it can get." Irene Feleo:

"I also recently directed an animation teaser for the Project:Girl film series. They are this amazing group of women who are putting together a series of 10 short films based on stories from girlhood, with a focus to promote storytelling and representing the female voice. I am currently working on a special animated episode for them that will be released towards the end of the year sometime." Irene Feleo: