Artist Shannon Crees paints a beautiful mural at Central Park in Sydney

Central Park Shopping Centre is one of Sydney’s most unique spots embracing Australia’s culture, arts and bringing back life and excitement to public spaces. Recently we had the pleasure of teaming them up with the colourful Shannon Crees to create this stunning mural. So Good!


Casula Mall collaborates with artist Nico to create stunning rebrand.

Casula Mall approached Chulo Creative wanting to pay homage to the multicultural area of Casula and welcome the community into there space with artworks that celebrate the demographic.

The brief used kaleidoscope imagery as a metaphor for the meting pot of cultures in the area. We knew Nico would be the perfect artist for the job with his crafted style of bold popping colours.

Timelapse of some of the artworks being installed at Casula Mall Shopping Centre with mural artist and designer Nico.

“I have played with the idea of the “Kaleidoscope of cultures” phrase from their style guide and tried to make a really diverse tapestry-like pattern that feels a bit earthy. 

Its very abstract, but the design has some shapes that are representative of eating and drinking, fruits and bottles etc. which are representative of the “sensual experiences” to be enjoyed together in abundance at the centre as well as plants and houses in different patterns that symbolise the diverse community made up of many different cultures, all growing and living together and together forming a vibrant, interesting and beautiful tapestry. 

I have used their corporate colour palette, but just used some lighter tints of their colours, as the actual full strength colours would create a bit of a heavy and dark vibe. Ive opted for the outline in their main corporate colour as. I think it needs to feel on-brand and fresh, warm and welcoming.” - nico

Daniel O'Toole Broken Colour

Newest body of work by Daniel O'Toole - Broken Colour

Broken Colour (2018) is a  continuation of Bending Light (2017), a series of works made on location in Melbourne. These new paintings are based on a series of photographic collage studies that utilise a combination of physical distortion and analogue photographic techniques that blur the boundary between the materiality of painting and the surface of the photographic image.  

Broken Colour takes things a little further into abstraction, employing collage as a means of discovery within the picture plane by playing with spacial tension, geometric editing and digital aesthetics. These images are resolved when returned to the analogue space of painted canvas.

Stay up to date with more work from Daniel here


Each major arcana card will have its own colourful, dynamic take on the classic Rider-Waite cards. Expect plenty of space age twists and sexy otherworldly women.

Magic this strong doesn’t come into the world overnight. It’s going to be a long journey. Don’t miss out on the process - keep an eye on Zeke’s Blog


The Sun is the manifestation of all things right in the world. Love, enjoyment, optimism and positivity. There’s no second guessing this – it signifies very good times and abundance. In fact some say the reversed card still represents exactly the same values – albeit in a minor form. The Sun lights the way for the child rider (your will) who is in perfect control of its stead (your baser self). In other words:  F*ck Yeah!

zeke's lunchbox chulo creative


The Star can be a welcome reprieve after a period of destruction and turmoil. When the non-essential parts of yourself have been stripped away, your core essence shines bright. The card represents youthfulness and hope. The card is also aligned with The Aquarius star sign. Big ideas are what will excite you and this time you're determined that nothing will get in your way. 

The Star - Zeke's lunchbox chulo creative


The High Priestess is the guardian of the subconscious. Her appearance signals a lifting of the worldly veil - a transition into intuition and magic. Things aren’t always as they seem and there are often unknowable forces at work. Go inwards, be still, and listen to you deepest intuition. You’ll find answers. All in good time.

zeke's lunchbox chulo creative

Gina Kiel for Sea Walls - Tairāwhiti

Gina Kiel talks about her epic mural for Sea Walls

“The wave forming in stages internally through the deconstructed parts of the Sea lion represents the sea as the emotion of nature that is currently trying to communicate to us the effects of our destructive actions. Sea lion population numbers have halved and could halve and halve again until extinction within the years of my generation. We have the opportunity to collectively rise with this tide into a new state of awareness where we can live in harmony with nature and all her beings.

After I had sketched up the Sea Lion I discovered a leaking water pipe unintentionally positioned in the heart/shoulder of the Seal, I felt like it was significant so I painted a blue heart around it. We are all made of water.” Gina Kiel

Special thanks to project partners Eastland Community Trust, JN Williams memorial trust, @gisbornedc@resenecolour, Tairawhiti Environment Centre, Walter Findlay LTD, and to our sponsors 






Martins Hiremaster, Hirepool Gisborne and Evolution Wireless.

Photos by



Portrait and in-camera double exposure by @emilyrafteryphotography

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gina kiel chulo creative
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Crack that champaign on that wall!

The bubbles are flowing with this sparkling new murals

Pernod Richard approached us to revamp a beloved poster featuring the Mumm champagne.

We thought Gerad Taylor was just the guy to bring this to life. 

With a classy twist, the poster was rendered in a modern day pin up style.

Pernod Ricard commissioned Apparition Media to paint the artwork in some treasure venues for that extra wow factor.

Sydney Verandah Bar Grows A New Look

TBT to when we smashed out another super cool mural with WA artist Chris Nixon at Verandah Bar in Sydney.

Referencing the local flora with naturally occurring patterns and textures. Nixon created a lush inner city oasis to integrate seamlessly with the great interior by Lucetti Krelle.

corporate mural
floral mural.jpg
boho mural
flower mural design
interior design

The Dicktator snowboard design with Alex Lehours

Nuclear threats is child's play.

Coming in hot and melting slopes with some nuclear action is Alex Lehours cracker of a design on this limited edition snowboard.

There is nothing more we love then a great creative brief allowing an artist to have fun with it.

Teaming up and Alex Lehours to create The Dicktator. 



Sound & Colour Tunnel Artwork

Who said tunnels need to be dark and gloomy? Perth Stadium has commission a collab of artists to create this amazing interactive art through a walkway that truely takes your breath away.

Coming together on the project was:

  • Chris Nixon - Lead Design, 
  • Tom Lucey - Lead Design, 
  • Ned Beckley - Sound Design, 
  • Sam Price - Motion Design,
  • Steve Berrick - System Design.

"Soooooo many hours went into this but it’s so rad to see it come to life - it’s pretty loud and immersive in there so we’re stoked with the final work. It’s had a huge response so far. I'm really keen to do more of this kind of work!"
- Chris Nixon


Flaming Gallah Hot Sauce Illustration by Kev

From hot sand to a hot sauce. Australian icon Alf Strewart from Home and Away has now been immortalised on a hot sauce with his famous catchphrase "Ya Flamin' Gallah!" 

Teaming up with tech company GoDaddy, Actor Ray Meagher is the face of their new campaign to show how easy it is for small businesses wanting to take the next step and come online with their ideas.

We chat to Kev O'donnel about his take on doing the illustration for their logo.

"I never watched Home & Away but always thought Ray Meagher’s face was a classic. So when the opportunity 

came to illustrate him I was stoked. His character, Alf Stewart’s penchant for using “Flamin' Galah” is a gift for this job."

The limited edition sauce isn't half bad


Loving the love cloud

Our friends from Amigo & Amigo have smashed out this beauty for Waverley Council. This interactive lighting installation that illuminates to your heart beat. As visitors physically connect to the sculpture they will be incorporating a part of themselves into the artwork. A work which collects different heartbeat ‘prints’, and unites the individuals; living, visiting and commuting through Bondi Junction.


Meet a Mad Mandala Mural Master

Meet 'fortyonehunderd' AKA Lizzie Snow.

Spiralling from the great land of nature Lizzie is one of the newest and youngest members to the Chulo Creative team.

Drawing inspiration from the wild and her love for connections Lizzie is creating quite the name for herself as a Mandala Master. 

Check out more of her work here

Moments in time by Joe Whyte

Joe Whyte is a Melbourne based artist moving between the commercial and fine art worlds with ease. An exceptional draftsman capturing sun dappled moments in time on a recent trip to Sydney's pitt street mall.

Make sure you follow Joe on Instagram to stay up to date with his travels and studies.

Shannon "Ice Cream" Crees' mural melts hearts at the Australian Open

What a nice way to open the new year with a new mural at the Australian Open.

Under the scorching sun Shannons new mural for Ice Cream Kings, Haagen-Dazs melts us with aw.

Here are some of the progress pics from event and a little process video.