Vatash - It was before they could change their mind.

The recent body of work I've been producing deals a lot with the themes of nostalgia, escapism, travel and fantasy. 

The color palette I've been working with over the past couple of months has evolved, and I've started exploring more darker hues and high contrast palettes. I was always attracted to vibrant and neon shades, and it's very exciting to constantly push it further and discover new ways to use them!

Pretty much every artwork starts out with a couple of rough sketches, which I then develop further digitally. The pencil sketch is a great framework to build upon, and I feel it's the best medium for generating ideas. 

Doing personal projects allows me to explore and experiment without any restriction. A challenge like 36 Days of Type has always been very rewarding to do, because a lot of unexpected and exciting things come out of it, and it is a true test of pushing oneself creatively.  

Advice for emerging artists - The most important thing would be to make the work that you really love, and be yourself! :)