Drives him crazy...In a bad way. 

Borja is a fine artist based in Madrid Spain. We have been lucky enough to catch up with Borja on one of his latest paintings. Have a read below to find out what inspired this work.

chulo borja

This painting started as a critic to all kind of "clichés" in the art world.  Probably all around the globe but mainly in the spanish art world.  The words you can see at the bottom of her t-shirt are "Escribe como si no supieses coger el lápiz, artista" which translated should mean something like "Write as if you don´t know how to handle a pencil, you artist" or something like that.  And the word "artista" is crossed with a blue line.  The thing is that writing as Basquiat did in his paintings these days is obviously a fake decorative element that drives me crazy.  In a bad way.  Fake art to try to impress people and sell a painting... and the problem is that you see that not only on people who are starting but also in "great" artists who are supposed to have quite a good background.  Anyway... that´s all... the idea behind the painting.  That´s why I also did this painting in a style kind of different to my works:  Using a big bloke of colour, almost abstract next to a realistic figure, as those "artists" probably would think "is cool". Borja

The Umbilical Brothers and Johan Potma collaborate.

Johan Potma has been working closely with the Umbilical Brothers for the past 2 years creating an amazing new children's book.

Below are some of the illustrations...we can't wait for more! Make sure you follow @johanpotma on instagram to know when this gem will be hitting all good book stores.

One of Johan's favourite Umbilical Brothers bits: