Portals to other worlds

Artists are able to dip in and out of the imaginary world with a little more ease, a little more confidence and playfulness...blurring the lines like a child. This was beautiful illustrated when we came across Gina Kiel’s recent playful experiments.

When spontaneous moments of light and colour open portals to other worlds
— Gina Kiel

Check out more from Gina’s instagram here

Gina Kiel Chulo Creative
gina kiel chulo creative
gina kiel chulo creative
gina kiel chulo creative

Nuggets with Heart

Mike Watt worked on some adorable little nugget characters for a KFC social campaign last year with Ogilvy. The KFC agency YUM loved the little nugget characters so much they asked Mike to create a bunch of personalised nuggies for the YUM team's christmas party.

Super cute and tasty little guys...check them out below.


Drives him crazy...In a bad way. 

Borja is a fine artist based in Madrid Spain. We have been lucky enough to catch up with Borja on one of his latest paintings. Have a read below to find out what inspired this work.

chulo borja

This painting started as a critic to all kind of "clichés" in the art world.  Probably all around the globe but mainly in the spanish art world.  The words you can see at the bottom of her t-shirt are "Escribe como si no supieses coger el lápiz, artista" which translated should mean something like "Write as if you don´t know how to handle a pencil, you artist" or something like that.  And the word "artista" is crossed with a blue line.  The thing is that writing as Basquiat did in his paintings these days is obviously a fake decorative element that drives me crazy.  In a bad way.  Fake art to try to impress people and sell a painting... and the problem is that you see that not only on people who are starting but also in "great" artists who are supposed to have quite a good background.  Anyway... that´s all... the idea behind the painting.  That´s why I also did this painting in a style kind of different to my works:  Using a big bloke of colour, almost abstract next to a realistic figure, as those "artists" probably would think "is cool". Borja

The Umbilical Brothers and Johan Potma collaborate.

Johan Potma has been working closely with the Umbilical Brothers for the past 2 years creating an amazing new children's book.

Below are some of the illustrations...we can't wait for more! Make sure you follow @johanpotma on instagram to know when this gem will be hitting all good book stores.

One of Johan's favourite Umbilical Brothers bits:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rb-pbGvFlTo

Sneak Snake & Girlhood with Irene Feleo

Irene Feleo creates stunning colourful visuals and brings some of them to life with animation. We love catching up with Irene to see what she has been working on, its always a treat. Enjoy checking out the below recent treasures and make sure you follow @irenefeleo to stay topped up with her lovely creations.


 "I recently finished the first 2 episodes of a super short animation series called Sneak Snake. It's pretty much just tiny episodes based around this one sneaky snake that is a bit of a nuisance. It was a fun little personal project to work on during the evenings and a good excuse to put my strange sense of humour into a random little animation. Episode 3 is on a bit of a hold at the moment but I want to keep returning back to this character to practice my storytelling skills and also to develop how weird it can get." Irene Feleo:

"I also recently directed an animation teaser for the Project:Girl film series. They are this amazing group of women who are putting together a series of 10 short films based on stories from girlhood, with a focus to promote storytelling and representing the female voice. I am currently working on a special animated episode for them that will be released towards the end of the year sometime." Irene Feleo:

The Ghost Who Walks with Jason Paulos

Jason Paulo's works as a freelance commercial illustrator specialising in storyboard work for ad agencies. Jason's passion projects are illustrating comic books for the likes of Phantom and more.

The below illustrations are for ‘Phantom by Gaslight’ out now at your local newsagent.

Below are some more sneak peeks into a self initiated project Jason has been working on called Houdini which is set to be a 150 page graphic novel out hopefully later this year.

Praise You the Exhibition featuring work by Gina Kiel

A celebration of female bodies, art and their support of each other.

It’s a body of work with the power to make a difference. This September, aMBUSH Gallery and Lusid Art illuminate the complex subject of women’s body image, self-confidence and comparison, when one of Australia’s largest female group shows is unveiled; ‘Praise You’, proudly supporting The Butterfly Foundation.

“I created these little paintings of parts of the female form dissected to show the internal light being within. Female bodies are ultimate not because they define us by the way they look externally but because they contain the strongest connection to consciousness that we can access in the human experience.” Gina Kiel

Internal light by Gina Kiel

Internal light by Gina Kiel


Friday 8 September, 6-9 pm @ambushgalleryWaterloo
Curated by @lusidart

Fusion Art Installations

When Fashion and Food Fuse!

We had the privilege of working on this kick arse job with Amigo and Amigo thanks to We are The Gallery.

The concept was to combine food and fashion and create some amazing sculptures for level 2 broadway shopping centre.

Check out the pics below and the video for more details into the process.

Gehan Magee: Don't always do the same shit!

Gehan Magee has been working in the shadows creating some really lovely type work -  we were keen to hear about more about his process

Chulo: Can you let me know a bit about your process and what makes you tick?

Gehan: I dont really have a process to be honest. I need music and solitude for sure - i do a lot of my work late at night when there is no distractions. My ticker is progress and just a general love for doing what I love. Obviously I want to be the best I can be too but that’s not so much the drive. If I make progress everyday then eventually that will come. Be that in Digital design, UX or Typography. Success is subjective so if I feel like I’ve made progress in a certain area or I achieved a goal I set…then I feel good. There’s been many a late nights/early mornings working on projects or trying to get a pen stroke right so it definitely feels good once you get there.


Chulo: Whats your first memory of being creative?

Gehan: Drawing on the money envelopes at church on a Sunday haha. I remember that was the only way i would stay quiet so my parents would give me a pencil and the envelope and i would just scribble and draw on them for the duration of the mass. That and trying to be better than my sister at being able to draw - Sibling rivalry served me well. 


Chulo: Have you considered other career paths and what were they?

Gehan: Well im actually a Digital/UX designer by day. Thats what ive always enjoyed doing for a career but they say what you do when you procrastinate is what you should pursue...so thats what im doing with my lettering. Other than that i considered being a professional football (soccer) player...but it turns out im pretty shit. I still play casually at nights though.


Chulo: Who is your favourite artist and why?

Gehan: Alex Trochut. His approach to his art is inspiring and something that i find myself incorporating into my own work since the beginning. His experimentation, his beliefs, mixing styles and genres and drawing from different cultures like hip hop, pop, street, fashion and music but most of all he has his own unique style that works for him and that he created himself and made a name for himself with. 


Chulo: What is it about type that keeps you inspired?

Gehan: Everything! I was always fascinated with letterforms, graffiti and handwriting, the rawness and how everyone has their own unique style, whether they are conscious of it or not. The way letters are formed, to the way you can manipulate them to the point where they dont actually look like letters anymore. Experimenting with different styles, techniques and tools to get textures or lack of. Traditional calligraphy to wildstyle graffiti - theres no shortage of inspiration in this field so possibilities and exploration is endless. 


Chulo: Words of advice for emerging creatives? 

Gehan: Practice makes progress.


Chulo: What are your top tips to keep the creative juices flowing?

Gehan: Don't always do the same shit. For me, routine is an inspiration killer. Even the smallest change in your daily life like...get on a different train carriage on the way to work or...do things in a different order every day. whatever! Oh and travel...thats something i need to do more of too.

Zeke's Lunchbox tells us about her new mural

New Underwater Gatekeeper Mural by Zeke

"This lady I see as a guardian and gate keeper. She lives in the ocean looking out for her aquatic friends, guiding and feeding them. She acts as a mother figure in her little corner of ocean.

I discovered this fishy lady by wanting a feeling of calm and quiet. She acted as a vessel of escapism, almost like an alter ego of wanting and needing to relax. I wanted to create a character that felt synonymous with her surroundings and an equal to her environment.

I initially sketched out this design on the iPad Pro, a new tool I had invested in, and the lucidity of drawing through that medium had a strong flow that was natural, so the medium had a great influence of the light natured feeling of this piece. "

Check out some more of Zeke's Lunchbox work here


It's Tax time

credit Bill Hope

credit Bill Hope

We already know that art in the work place not only boosts morale but it can also help with productivity, creativity and also distinguish your business to your clients from others.

Have you have been pondering whether you’re lobby, office, restaurant or bar is in need of new look? The government is giving small business the reason to reimagine there work spaces.

Your business has to have a turn over under 2 million a year to be eligible under the governments 2015 budget for a tax deduction for art ***available to small business until the 30th June 2017.

To be eligible there are a few requirements that must be met in order for the art work to be considered;

  • Businesses must have a turn over under 2 million
  • Must be used in some way for the business
  • Must be displayed / used in the business
  • Art work should be tangible
  • Art work must be able to be moved to another location i.e. canvas
  • Art work must be created by an artist with a registered ABN

Hurry and chat with your accountant to see how this scheme will benefit you!

 Contact us before July 30.

Landscape of The Mind - Vivid 2017

Landscape of the Mind is a research-derived art installation which explores deeply personal experiences of anxiety through body map drawings which chart emotions and physical sensations that may be difficult to express verbally. 

We’re using body mapping to explore the experience of anxiety and the ubiquitousness of anxiety in our society. It allows people to voice their experience in a way that is less stigmatising.”

Dr Katherine Boydell, Professor of Mental Health at Black Dog Institute

Much like totems that contain symbols with different meanings, body-mapping and its significance can only be understood in relation to the creator’s overall story and experience.

 Curator  Natalie Robinson  is passionate about using art to raise awareness about mental health. With a background in digital media, she is excited to be part of an age where mediums collide and the lines are blurred between new technology and traditional media. 

 Curator Natalie Robinson is passionate about using art to raise awareness about mental health. With a background in digital media, she is excited to be part of an age where mediums collide and the lines are blurred between new technology and traditional media. 


26 May - 17 Jun 18:00 - 23:00  LOCATION Campbell's Cove Sydney, NSW

The Making of...Art by Tara Phillips

Tara creates hyper real portraits that make you look twice - she shared with us some process GIFs to reveal the magic behind her style.

Enjoy checking them out below.

Tara says: I started my Cooper piece as an exercise to loosen up my painting style and try for a more textured/traditional feel. I love experimenting with new brushes (and also love Twin Peaks!), so this painting was a lot of fun and it unfurled pretty naturally. 


Tara says: This recent artwork was also an exercise to loosen up my painting technique. Often with client briefs, my work can get really tight. It's nice to sometimes let loose and allow myself to be intuitive while I paint.

Getting to know Art by Dale

Dale has been kicking it in the illustration scene for years -  we are stoked to have him on board with Chulo Creative and had a bit of fun getting to know him with a little Q&A...check it out below.

What projects have you been working on lately?

Lately I have been working pretty close with my friends at Harley Heaven. doing all cool works Harley Davidson related, both live art and digital illustrations. Which has been really awesome. I also have been working on constant Shock Mansion illustrations and designs, super fun and super diverse work experience.

chulo creative art by dale

Tell us about your process from start to finish - is there anything odd or different about the way you work?

My process begins pretty much like every other creative, I sit and dream a little of all the awesome things im going to do then I actually sit down and start doing my research and development process. After that i move to some really rough layout concepts and design ideas. After my clients review the sketches and approve a direction i move to refined art to give them an idea about the levels of details and what to expect in final art. The next stage is basically zoning out for as many hours as it takes and producing amazing art for my client. Theres nothing odd in my process, except that I always listen too hardcore punk music to zone out, so its pretty loud and not at all a chilled vibe to outsiders haha.

chulo creative art by dale

What time of day do you prefer to work?

I prefer anytime that works but my balance usually sees me leaning more to nightshift. Its kinda cool because I can do the dad thing until the kids fall asleep, then i can put in as much hours as i need to

Do you have any childhood memories of drawing and getting into illustration?

 My father used to draw and i remember vividly watching him night after night draw until i slept. So theres no denying that my father was a driving force into where i am today. Stoked to be from a family that loves and lives art. I just always remember saying, “one day, I want to be as good as dad” The chase is still red hot! He is a gun! I think im coming close though!

chulo creative art by dale

Do you have a favourite job you can tell us about?

 My fav job to date is very hard to say, I think one of my proudest was the MR BLACK coffee liqueur design i did for their bottle. We ended up winning The Dieline awards back in 2014 which was rad, we even beat the likes of Absolute. Was nice and rewarding to be apart of a start up project that would see such an amazing result for all involved.

chulo creative art by dale

Tell us about your relationship with colour.

 Colour and Dale, the most asked question of my career, ha! Look, Colour to me can’t just be thrown around, its a well thought out process and when done right is absolutley amazing. I think for me, Ive just been attracted to the skill involved in making the black and white art works stand out as much as a colour piece. I feel like its a challenge never won, but a challenge worth having! I’ve made it this far without relying on my bold colours or super busy backgrounds and what not. So i guess the theory of don’t fix it if it aint broke lives on in my world :)

chulo creative art by dale

Tell us about what collaboration means to you with organisations like Wacom and what it means to collaborate with organisations?

 Collaborations are super important, as fun as they can be to reach out to your fav artist and do a sick piece and sell prints, theres something special about joining forces with notable organisations. Ive been working with Wacom over the last few years and we have a great relationship that sees me create cool content / designs for them time to time, our social reaches help each other, I feel like organisation connections can send an artist to a new level. In this day and age more and more of us are connecting with big companies to produce artwork we love and have been doing since the start, instead of the pain staking process of meeting a badly written brief that results in me drawing a multicoloured puppy dog! ( ps if any big companies want a multicoloured puppy dog, get at me! )

Guide Dogs 60th Birthday - An illustrated Tram Wrap + PUPPIES EATING CAKE!

Guide Dogs Australia in celebration of its 60th Birthday commissioned Sydney based Artist Bill Hope to create an illustrated canvas for this Tram in Melbourne.

Chulo Creative Bill Hope guide dogs tram

Art Director Chrissy Waller with Agency Mccann Sydney approached Bill Hope knowing he would have that special something to bring this job to life.

Chulo Creative Bill Hope guide dogs tram

Bill says "So this has to be one of the most exciting briefs I've had come down the phone. It's a great client, an exciting new canvas to work on and work days filled with scribbling around puppies."

Chulo Creative Bill Hope Guide Dogs Tram