Matt Heath sketchbook sneak peek!

Its always such a treat to check out an artists sketchbook, to see the inner workings and process from an artist. Below we get a deep dive into Matt Heath’s sketchbook in all of its gritty detail.


Pages from my sketchbook: I have been working on a series of undead samurai concepts for a story project. The world and other characters will be added and expanded upon at a later date. This ongoing sketchbook project has led to a lot of work in character concept art, keyframe image concepts, comic covers, editorial, gallery exhibitions (to be announced) and private commission work. It would seem that skulls and samurai are very popular! I incorporate pencil, ink and watercolour in these sketches and I began exploring some new art techniques during this, my new favourite being gold leaf which has an incredibly lustrous effect when viewed in person.


Pages from my sketchbook: I work a lot in the video game industry and often create poster art for games. This has led to character design work which these sketches stem from. In researching mech and tech characters I became inspired by the Japanese artist Hiroto Ikeguchi who creates intricate cyberpunk wearable art from electrical components and materials. I absolutely love drawing portraits in pencil and incorporated solid, bright panels of colour using Copic markers to complement the grey graphite pencil details. When time permits I would love to create larger format artworks from these sketches and also model some in 3D.