Lettering Mural - Know Your Worth

Alicia McFadzean AKA Cheeky Observer - has created a really sweet personal project - she describes in her own words below the meaning of self worth.

Self worth is one of the most precious things we own. Yet, it is also often the first thing that is willingly discarded in the face of fear; a program which society sang to us like a bedtime lullaby from the time we entered this world until the time we decided to wake up.

Our worth is the powerful seed at the core of who we are... it is all that remains when the masks, the dreams, the memories and the traumas have been stripped away.

It’s that moment when you have absolutely nothing left, except for the ability to say that you deserve everything.

The shift happens when you put the statement of how much you’re worth at the forefront of every decision, no matter how much life is begging you to cave in and take the easy way out.

And that moment when you take a stand is just a droplet. But over time the droplet becomes a ripple, and the ripple becomes a wave, the wave becomes an ocean.

That is the message I’ve come to learn over the past few years, and even more intensely in 2019.

I pass it now to you, with love and all the respect in the world.

Alicia McFadzean

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