Yeye Weller Oh what fun!

Yeye Weller

it all started with my passion for skateboarding. i was just a kid, but i was totally in love with all those crazy and awesome designs of brands like powell peralta or santa cruz. i was almost addicted and i collect all stickers and advertisements of my favorite brands which i could get. 

when i was about 14 a school friend gave me a cracked version of adobe photoshop and a few weeks later we founded our own little skateboard clothing brand. it was totally noobish and we just sell some shirts to our circle of friends but this was the starting point and things took their course. i was never an extremely talented draftsman, but i always had a good eye for design and a feeling for balance and colors and photoshop gave me the platform to use all those skills and with passage of time and a lot of exercise my drawing skills become better and better.