Flaming Gallah Hot Sauce Illustration by Kev

From hot sand to a hot sauce. Australian icon Alf Strewart from Home and Away has now been immortalised on a hot sauce with his famous catchphrase "Ya Flamin' Gallah!" 

Teaming up with tech company GoDaddy, Actor Ray Meagher is the face of their new campaign to show how easy it is for small businesses wanting to take the next step and come online with their ideas.

We chat to Kev O'donnel about his take on doing the illustration for their logo.

"I never watched Home & Away but always thought Ray Meagher’s face was a classic. So when the opportunity 

came to illustrate him I was stoked. His character, Alf Stewart’s penchant for using “Flamin' Galah” is a gift for this job."

The limited edition sauce isn't half bad