Gehan Magee: Don't always do the same shit!

Gehan Magee has been working in the shadows creating some really lovely type work -  we were keen to hear about more about his process

Chulo: Can you let me know a bit about your process and what makes you tick?

Gehan: I dont really have a process to be honest. I need music and solitude for sure - i do a lot of my work late at night when there is no distractions. My ticker is progress and just a general love for doing what I love. Obviously I want to be the best I can be too but that’s not so much the drive. If I make progress everyday then eventually that will come. Be that in Digital design, UX or Typography. Success is subjective so if I feel like I’ve made progress in a certain area or I achieved a goal I set…then I feel good. There’s been many a late nights/early mornings working on projects or trying to get a pen stroke right so it definitely feels good once you get there.


Chulo: Whats your first memory of being creative?

Gehan: Drawing on the money envelopes at church on a Sunday haha. I remember that was the only way i would stay quiet so my parents would give me a pencil and the envelope and i would just scribble and draw on them for the duration of the mass. That and trying to be better than my sister at being able to draw - Sibling rivalry served me well. 


Chulo: Have you considered other career paths and what were they?

Gehan: Well im actually a Digital/UX designer by day. Thats what ive always enjoyed doing for a career but they say what you do when you procrastinate is what you should thats what im doing with my lettering. Other than that i considered being a professional football (soccer) player...but it turns out im pretty shit. I still play casually at nights though.


Chulo: Who is your favourite artist and why?

Gehan: Alex Trochut. His approach to his art is inspiring and something that i find myself incorporating into my own work since the beginning. His experimentation, his beliefs, mixing styles and genres and drawing from different cultures like hip hop, pop, street, fashion and music but most of all he has his own unique style that works for him and that he created himself and made a name for himself with. 


Chulo: What is it about type that keeps you inspired?

Gehan: Everything! I was always fascinated with letterforms, graffiti and handwriting, the rawness and how everyone has their own unique style, whether they are conscious of it or not. The way letters are formed, to the way you can manipulate them to the point where they dont actually look like letters anymore. Experimenting with different styles, techniques and tools to get textures or lack of. Traditional calligraphy to wildstyle graffiti - theres no shortage of inspiration in this field so possibilities and exploration is endless. 


Chulo: Words of advice for emerging creatives? 

Gehan: Practice makes progress.


Chulo: What are your top tips to keep the creative juices flowing?

Gehan: Don't always do the same shit. For me, routine is an inspiration killer. Even the smallest change in your daily life like...get on a different train carriage on the way to work things in a different order every day. whatever! Oh and travel...thats something i need to do more of too.