cheeky observer


We asked Cheeky Observer if her work has a consistent tone or message?

This has been a big focus of mine for the last 12 months; I’ve spent a lot of time meditating on what it is that I want to communicate through my work. Conceptually, I’m playing more and more with the idea of cultural consciousness, particularly in my less ‘commercial’ pieces - I want my creative output to be the kind that makes people feel something, inspires them to think differently, to see and act consciously.

I want my work to be a force for good.

cheeky observer chulo creative mural art sydney

Art in Public space is important to a community because it offers up a world view, or story of someone without political motive. Made by the people, for the people.
Also, I find that our world in its current state is over-saturated with digitally polished and pixel perfect, and there is a growing need for handcrafted, raw, visceral creativity to put people back in touch with themselves.

cheeky observer chulo creative public art mural sydney

The last few months of 2016 were jam packed with a lot of large scale murals for me.
The most rewarding commission was one I did in Cape Town - my client wanted a piece reflective of South African culture, which was a challenge, as the nation’s history is quite sticky. I drew inspiration from the faces of the native people, the Afrikaans language, and the current drive and imperative so many of the people carry with them - to try and bring about social change through creative means.

cheeky observer chulo creative mural art sydney

Looking towards the future. I would love to work more on large scale pieces with a purpose. Those with an agenda to better the world, through sustainability, awareness, or the general distribution of positive vibes.